Newington win final tour game

The Newington boys have won their final tour match against Burford School. Played in fantastic conditions the boys rounded off their tour matches playing some great “Australian Running Rugby.”

The boys will be trekking around Windsor Castle and Eton College today before heading to the Natural History Museum for a 3 hour panoramic sightseeing tour of the capital. Sights will include the Tower of London and London Bridge, Buckingham Palace and the London Eye.

On Saturday the boys will be part of the amazing atmosphere as Australia play England at Twickenham, before departing for home on Sunday.


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  1. The final game of the tour was set in the most beautiful of Cotswolds Villages-

    You enter the village over a medieval bridge, which takes one way traffic (one direction at a time) and then make your way up the gorgeous old High Street, which looks more like a movie set than a place of business.

    A few miles along High Street, at the top of a gradual hill is the school. Not as grand as Princethorpe, but picturesque, all 4 ovals green, lovely trees bordering and for us yesterday- blue skies and sunshine

    Arriving at the game was like a reunion- most of the parents and siblings who had been traveling through different parts of Europe were there to watch the final game- about 30 of us. It was like a Saturday morning at Stanmore. Not to mention the grandparents who had come from London, Ireland, Brighton and other parts of the U.K. to watch their Aussie grandsons battle it out. There were lots of travel anecdotes shared on the sidelines as well as cheers, as we dominated the game from the first minute, when Seb Danks scored. The U.K. grandparents were cheering loudly, one told me with pride he couldn’t believe how good our boys were.

    The boys from Burford put up a good fight, and when they finally scored we all cheered like mad, but our boys were too good. My memory and knowledge of the game limit my sports reporting. However , with no injuries to report and lots of smiles, hugs and banter I can report it was a success for everyone.

    Our boys looked well rested and well fed, (despite probably being close to having scurvy) One mum said her boy looked a bit grubby, probably true for most of them!

    I didn’t see Miles for a week as we toured around the UK and I missed him, so I know those of you who didn’t come over (to stalk) must be dying to see your boys. From what I’ve seen and heard, they’ve had the time of their lives- seen an amazing parts of the world, met some wonderful new people and played their sport in the true spirit of the game. Their minds have been broadened and they have probably been challenged, which is fantastic.

    Thanks to Mark, Ben and the teachers for giving them this chance- they won’t ever forget the Rugby World Cup 2015 that’s for sure

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