Day 8 – The Battle of Britain and off to Woodlands

After staying at the YHA NATIONAL FOREST HOSTEL, the boys and teachers packed their bags, had a quick bite to eat and left our accommodation. The boys were excited as they received the news that we would be taking each other on in a few games of Laser Tag. The boys geared up and got ready to destroy each other. The first game was free for all and the boys desperation to come first was noticable as everyone was sweating like a pig after running around in the battle zone. The winner of the first game was…… Myself. I was 300 points in front of Snowy Dorrell who has a broken leg. Well done Snowy!! After an intriguing first game the boys geared up for the second game as we split up into teams. After another match of laser tag, the boys waited outside to find out which team had won. The winner was Red. Actually we smashed blue by 2,000 points. Our very own Tom “the Destroyer” Lever joined in for the third match. It was teams once again and Mr Lever was relieved that I was joining the red team. The first five minutes I guarded Mr Lever with my life. It soon became apparent that he was holding his own, so I left him to fend for himself and went hunting the Blues. Once again the red team smashed the blue team. The fourth and the final game Mr Muir and Mr Manion joined in and Mr Lever jumped out. Everyone targeted the teachers in a free for all game. The overall winner was George Kosmos who got 3000 points. After this we thanked the people at laser quest and headed off for a bite to eat at the shopping mall in Coventry.


After spending roughly an hour in the shopping centre, looking at many stores and places to buy things. We walked backed to our bus and we were now on our way to meet our second billets, who were again kind enough to open their homes to us. We all went off to do a variety of activities with our billets and with many boys still eager to make new friends we can see that this game against Woodland Academy will be a good challenge.

By Perry May & Jordan Mouscas

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