Day 7 – Summer Day in Villa Park

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Today, Sunday was quite a relaxed but fun day. First we woke up to James Roach trying to muzz (a sketchy dance). We then had a breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage and black coffee (for Oscar Lynch) or as he called it ‘rocket fuel that could get you to Mars’. We then left at 9:15am to go to the home ground of the English Premier League team Aston Villa. We watched the Wallabies thrash Uruguay 64-3. We soaked in the amazing atmosphere of the roaring crowd.

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We then left for a 30 minute drive back to the hostel. The afternoon was made up of intense snooker games between Oscar and anyone who challenged his abilities as pool king, and a game of ‘touch’ rugby which ended up as a full on tackle match between forwards and backs. The backs obviously smashed the forwards. We than had a lie down before dinner. It was quiet as we were all mentally preparing or ‘geeing up’ for the the laser skirmish battle the next day. This blog was completely written by Tom Marchese as Oscar lynch had an energy crash after his 3 coffee a day diet.

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By Tom Marchese & Oscar Lynch

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