Day 6 – Long goodbyes and onto Oblivian

This morning was the last morning we would share with our Welsh billets after an amazing 3 days getting to know them. We all met up at the school and said our final goodbyes for a 9am bus ride to the Alton Towers theme park.

IMG_2722 copy

The boys were then given a massive 5 hours to explore the park filled with rides, fast food and beverages. There were some great rides including the Oblivion which featured going extremely fast down a vertical slope. It took some coaxing but we finally got Perry and Finn to go on it and they loved it. Another great ride was the Sonic Spin ride, in this ride the passengers go through a blurry experience of speed and changing directions at rapid pace. The whole cage spins the whole time. We all had a great day and the whole bus ride to our new accommodation out near Derby was spent laughing at some of the wild faces that were pulled during all the rides.

Once we got to the YHA National Forest we were assigned to our rooms. Everyone is getting to spend lots of time with different people and we are all getting along really well together. After dinner we all gathered around the telly to watch the England V Wales game with Mr Lever obviously going for England and everyone else cheering madly for Wales. The boys then set up camp for a good nights rest.

By Max Lowry & Sione Lemoto

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