Three Levels of Government in Australia by Ollie Short

The Three Australian Levels Of Government

Local Government

In Australia there are three levels of government. Local, state and federal. These are some facts about the local government.

The Australian local government takes care of towns like Ku-Ring-Gai, Willoughby, lane cove and other towns around Australia.

Some things that the local government take care of: swimming pools, meals on wheals, libraries, building planning, maintenance of local parks and gardens and garbage

There are over 560 local government areas around Australia.

Local government also make laws to make there council or town a better place.

Local government take care of all the things like street lights and garbage by collecting tax from every resident of the council or town.

Residents elect a person to run there town or council by going to there local school to vote.

The shire president or mayor has to be truthful, a risk taker and has to have great bravery and leadership to have this job.

Residents have to think about who they want to choose for there new mayor they have to choose who would be the best to govern there local area this can be a hard choice

In the school local residents come on the weekend at any time and vote where know one can see. After that they count up all the votes and see who is the next mayor.

The local government is still control by the state and federal government.

The tax from residents helps the local government take care of the council .

State Government

Every state has a Parliament House except for Queensland.

It is made out of two houses. Representatives are often called members. But the leader of the state is called the premier or the chief minister.

The premier takes care of main roads, public transport, health, education, police and electricity

In Australia there are seven states including Tasmania.

The Parliament House of every state is in the capital of each state or territory.

Parliament of each state or territory make laws for that state.

The number of members in each parliament differ between each state.

State get there money through taxes and the federal government pay them as well.

The premiers or chief ministers often meet in Canberra to receive the money from the federal government.

Tax they get include water tax, heating tax and electricity tax often called bills.

Federal Government

Federal government is the heart of Australia’s decisions and laws.

The federal government meats in Canberra where the main Parliament House is this is where members of parliament come and make laws or decisions.

Federal government takes care and pays for defences, Australia, employment, passports and the media.

In 1901 Australia became a nation and that is when we got governments.

The country citizens voted yes or no if they wanted to be a nation the majority voted yes.

The decisions are made in the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Representatives for the House of Representatives are called members of parliament.

Representatives elected to the senate are called senators.

The senate has over 76 senators.

The leader of Australia is called the prime minister


Creating “Tags” in Art

Today in art we created and invented our own “tags”. Tags are name tags used by modern street artists to mark their work. Eg: Eddie Hogg’s is “Hogg’s Bacon.”

We used pencil to do a rough draft then trace around it with sharpie. We would then colour the tags in with oil pastel, cut them out and paste them carefully onto a background of bricks, tiles and pavement.

Jack Middleton (5E) and Anton Lising (5L)

image1 image2 image3 image4

Year 5 Leadership Camp

During Leadership Camp setting up the tent was the first task. It was very hard for so many people. We only got 30 minutes. Then we got pizza for dinner then had showers.

At 7:00pm, we watched Remember the Titans and it went till 9:00pm. We went to bed afterwards. At 11:45pm it was pouring with rain so we had to go and sleep in the library.

We got up at 6:00am. We had breakfast and played water polo. We ate fruit for Recess and played Capture the Flag. In the end, no one got the flag.

We got Ipads and blogged. After a while we went and played laser tag. The green team beat the blue team then we went back to school and had lunch. We made rafts after lunch before heading home.

Jett Leong 5E

Year 5 Leadership Camp

The Year 5 Leadership camp started on a Thursday. The start of the day was normal except we were in mufti but when the school day ended the camp started and the fun began. First, Mr Edwards told us what’s going to happen and then he let us go down onto the futsal field and play bull rush for half an hour. Next we all sat down and decided who would sleep with whom. I was going to sleep with Angus. Next we set up the tents and it took Angus and me a while to set up our tent but we did manage it. But Angus said his tent leaks and it was going to rain so we had to move. I decided to sleep with Marco and Angus slept with Caleb. I helped Marco set up his tent and when we were finished we helped other people.

When everyone was finished we all sat on the ledge and waited for pizza. When the pizza came everyone was told to take two pieces for their first helping. After everyone had finished their first helping everyone who wanted their second helping took it and after that thirds. Then we all got to play around for a little while. After that we all had showers. When everyone had finished showers we gathered up at the library and started watching Remember The Titans. When the movie finished we all went back to our tents and fell asleep. In the middle of the night when Benjamin was going to the toilet he tripped over a wire and fell into David’s tent. He landed right on Ollie’s face. He woke up and got a HUGE fright! Everyone started laughing and everyone woke up. I went to see what the matter was and I started laughing too.

I looked up and there were big clouds overhead. Everyone started stressing about the rain and the teachers woke up. Mr Caulfield looked at the radar and assured everyone that the rain was 30 kilometres away. Five minutes later it started raining. When we were setting up Marco’s tent we had no idea how to put on the outdoor cover so we just lay it on. When it started raining our tent seemed to be holding up. But then it started leaking a bit through the door so I zipped it up then Marco discovered a leak in the roof so I woke Michael up and we evacuated into the library.

After a while we all fell asleep and woke up in the morning. We all got dressed and went out to see the tents. Manav had no idea and kept sleeping for the rest of the night. Angus’ tent didn’t leak so I wished I slept in that tent. Everyone’s tent leaked except for the pop up tents because they were easy. We all helped pack away the tents and then had breakfast. After breakfast we had a game of water polo. After water polo we played a game of capture the flag. No one won but Kingswood got close because Mr Caulfield was counting down to the end of the game and Gus was just about to get the flag into the area but it was too late. Then we had morning tea. After morning tea some boys went to laser tag and we started the blog you’re reading right now.

After about half an hour of working, the bus came back to take us to laser tag. When we got there we got briefed on what to do. When we all understood we chose packs. My name was Slaughterhouse. We all went in and started the match. I got rapid fire but then got shot. Then I got rapid fire again but then I got shot again. I got rapid fire yet again and told all my teammates so they protected me and we went out shooting everyone. Kingswood won though and we all went back to school. When we got back it was lunch and all the Year 5’s had sausages. After sausages we had playtime.

After playtime we got into our swimmers. Then we went into the pool area and sat on the steps. There was an interesting array of materials next to the pool. Mr Caulfield told us that we were going to make rafts. We got put into 4 groups. The materials were 8 chlorine tubs, 4 long tubes, 2 crates and pieces of rope. My group decided that the chlorine bottles needed to be on the bottom but I said that the tubes needed to be on the bottom for stabilising. So we tied them together but didn’t use the crates and Dimitri and Ollie went and they got to the end but they couldn’t get off so they fell off the raft. We still won though. We all got changed and it was home time sadly.

Connor Plank 5E 

Year 5 Leadership Camp

First day 12.2.15: First, we played bull rush. Then we got the camp pitched up. After that we had dinner and ice cream. Then we had showers. It was a nightmare because everyone was shouting and screaming with no clothes and it took about an hour.

We watched a movie called Remember the Titans and we ate popcorn and we brushed our teeth. We went to bed and then the bad, bad thing happened. We were asleep for an hour and it started raining. Eddie hit the side of the tent so all the rain came crashing in.

Day Two 13.2.15: Morning – time to pack up all the tents. I had two tents to pack up. One was mine and one was David’s tent. My tent did not work because we did not have a structure. Well we had one but that was bent so we had to use David’s tent. I packed up all off my and Eddie’s equipment then we went to chapel. We got ready to leave for Laser Tag. It was really fun.

While we waited we got our Ipads and started doing our blog. After lunch (sausage sandwich) we did this fun thing. We went to the pool area and there was a whole bunch of materials that we had to use to build boats. At the start I thought it would be easy but we could not finish the task. It was hard! My idea would have worked because it would have heaps of structure so it would have huge support.

Henry Taylor 5E

Year 5 Leadership Camp

During Leadership Camp we pitched our tents which didn’t go so well. Then we had dinner which was pizza and for dessert we had ice cream. Later, we had a shower and watched a movie called Remember the Titans.

After those things were done, we got in our bed and started to sleep. I slept with Connor and Marco. Unfortunately it started to rain and we got sopping wet! So we evacuated our tents and proceeded to the library. We brought our sleeping bags as well and soon after the rain everybody was in a deep sleep.

Finally Ms Lowe woke us up at 6:00am and everybody was still half asleep! We had our breakfast which was toast and cereal. Then we did water polo and and it was great fun! After we did that, we palyed laser tag and we got into groups of house colours. In the end our opponents won because the sports teacher was on their team. After that we did raft building and our team won! We all went home after a long day!

Michael Glezos 5E

Year 5 Leadership Camp

During Leadership Camp we have done a lot of fun activities like: water polo, capture flag and watched a movie called Remember the Titans.

In my tent was Jack B and it was very easy to put up and hard to get down. When we had finished our pizzas for dinner, we brushed our teeth. When we finished we went in to the library to watch Remember the Titans. When got in we, got some popcorn.

After the movie finished we went to brush our teeth (because we had pop corn we had to do them again) and we had 5 minutes to settle down. In the middle of the night it started to storm so we had to go into the library.

I liked this camp. I think this was a great camp and thank you Mr Edwards and Ms Lowe. Also I learnt a lot about leadership.

Lachlan Hull 5E


Year 5 Leadership Camp

On Friday 13th February at Newington College we were on leadership camp.

We had so much fun like putting up and taking down the tents, playing laser tag and sleeping in the library because it was raining.

My tent didn’t leak except when you leave the door open.

We watched a movie called Remember the Titans and it was an amazing movie.

Caleb Strawbridge 5E

Year 5 Leadership Camp


Yesterday we started our first year five camp at school. First we went down to the Futsal field and played some bullrush. Then we pitched our tents which took forever. Then we waited till the pizza by talking to the people around us. Once the pizza came, we ate then we got ready to shower. After that we had to go to our tents and stay in there but not everybody stayed in their tent accept for some people. When I went in my tent there were three people sitting in there so we had get them to get out. After that we watched a movie called remember the Titans. Next we went to bed and in my tent there was also Angus Bourne, Caleb Strawbridge and me.


The teachers were walking up and down the path walking past our tents listening and trying to hear anybody talking. Soon after at approximately 9:45 we could hear giggling in the tent next to us because Benjamin fell on a tent. Later at 11:30pm a storm started and everybody awoke except one person who slept the whole night in his tent and the rest of the people had to go into the library for the night.


In the morning we all woke up around 5am and then we lay there and spoke until 6 when the teachers “woke” us up. Next we all got dressed and packed up our sleeping bags. Then we went outside and packed up our tents. After all of us had packed up our tents we had our breakfast. Next we had chapel. Then played some capture the flag. After recess we caught the bus to Laser tag in Chatswood. Next we came back to school and waited for the other group to come back. By passing the time we worked on this blog you’re reading right now. Then we had our lunch which was sausage sandwiches. After that we were allowed to play until the end of lunch. Then we got into four groups and two at a time we built rafts in twenty five minutes until three o’clock. Finally we waited until ten past three until we could go home.

Blaise Harvey-Palmer 5E


Year 5 Leadership Camp

12.2.15 It was quite a warm Thursday when the leadership camp started. To let some of the energy out, the teachers sent us down to the futsal field. We decided to play bull rush for about half an hour. After that we went up to the grass to set up our tents I shared a tent with David,Tom,joe, laksh and Ollie. Dave showed great leadership by not just setting up our tent but setting up two other tents. Then it was time to have a shower. We had pizza for dinner and then we watched a movie called remember the Titans it was a fantastic movie about leadership. 10:00 was about the time we went to bed. Quiet whispers scattered across the ground no one was actually asleep. Everyone needed to go to the bathroom but what we didn’t know was that Mr Caulfield was hanging by the change rooms. At about 11 o’clock Benjamin fell on our tent and woke up oli. After that no one went to sleep. Our tent became an oven so all of us took our tops of. At 12 o’clock there was a massive strike of lightning. It then started to rain everyone was freaking out but Ms Lowe showed us the way into the library. Everyone was wet and cold. We could only recover our sleeping bag. We all fell asleep straight away.

13.2.15 Suddenly there was a bright light. It was time to get up. Everyone went into there tents that were sadly flooded of water. There was a choice of toast or cereal for breakfast I chose toast with jam. We then played a quick game of water polo and capture the flag. Then it was time for recess. For recess we had fruit and a muffin. We then were split up into two groups for laser tag. I was in the second group with all the 5E Rydal and all 5L Kingswood. We travelled to the mandarin centre in Chatswood. We met Mr Caulfield there. Then it was time for laser tag. We started off by watching a video which I thought was pretty awesome. Then we went straight into the action. Everyone was just running around crazily. Mr Edwards was on the Rydal team and Mr Caulfield was on Kingswood. Mr Caulfield was shooting everyone. I think we worked well in laser tag. In the end I came 3rd, Mr Caulfield came 1st and Jett came 2nd. When we came back to school it was lunch time. I had 3 sausage sandwiches and after that it was the end of lunch. After lunch we went down to the pool to make a raft no one made it across the pool. I don’t really think our team worked together very well. That was pretty much all of it.

I really liked the camp and it was a great way to meet new people.

Eddie Hogg 5E