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What are Google Sites?:

Google sites are an easy way to create a website and incorporate a whole lot of other Googly goodness! You can easily collaborate with the building of sites too. There are also a number of great themes that can “skin” your site how you want. They can be very powerful! Google sites work across all devices and they were the backbone for our paperless Integrated 4 week task with all of yr 7.

NOTE: At this point in time we are recommending the use of Blogger instead of Google sites for websites. It gives more options for theming and web content as well as being a blog! That said, the outcomes with sites can be pretty cool so check them out!

Ideas for use – Google Sites for learning:

Sites can be useful for anytime that you need to be able to present or pull together pieces of content of all types.

Tutorials and Links:

Google sites are able to be created and edited across all devices. They are very easy to work on with the basic skills of working on a document.  From there the world is your Oyster! Themes can be applied to the site to “re-skin” the whole site completely.
Basically you create your domain name (that includes where your starting point is) then you can create your site across any internet connection.
Google sites on iPads for a bit of cross browser power!

Tutorials and more on creating sites from Google support
Google For Education: Sites Level 1 – The Basics

Tips and Tricks:

Check out LINK TO COME

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Further overviews and ideas for use:
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– Google Shortener

– Google “Blogger”
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