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So you want to easily share a link but it is so long or will be impossible for your audience to type in. to the rescue! There are a number of URL shorteners but this one works with your Google login.

Basically what happens is you paste your long link in and it shortens it to a typable link and also gives you a QR code. As an extra bonus it also tracks the clicks on the shortened link (see below)

Some Great Use Cases:

Collection of Information or easy access to a resource: a great example would be a workshop with students from various schools where it is not easy to have sent them a link. A simple start with the shortened URL or QR code (or both) is generally enough to find the whole group on your resource without even saying anything. It is also an easy way to collect information like email addresses or similar via a Google Form.

Offer a digital version of a printed resource: Shortening of links to offer a digital copy of a printed resource works really nicely. Here is a great example of a printed year 7 picture book that had a link to the eBook version that has been stored in a public Google Drive folder!


Use of shortened URL and QR code on back cover of a printed project to offer a digital version.

eg. Back cover of a printed book: use a shortened URL for the digital version

Create QR codes that can also be tracked: We will explore QR codes for all sorts of learning exercises a little later but for now just having them as a neat way of visiting a link is neat. As you shorten a URL you get a QR code that can be saved as an image.

USE OF QR CODES! a page just for this is coming soon! Stay tuned!

Tips and Tricks:

Letters that look like numbers: Sometimes the links that are given have letters that look like numbers (who can tell the difference between a capital O and a 0 anyway!) If you get a code that you think would be difficult to type then just paste it in again and get a new one.

QR code readers: There are many good QR code readers. i-nigma works really nicely across all devices. It is quick and not cluttered with advertising.

Can’t personalise links: Unfortunately does not have the ability to personalise your shortened links like and other shorteners can.

Your account: works with your Google username and password but it is not actually part of GAFE. Just check you are signed into the correct account when you create the link if you want to track it.

Check the effectiveness of your links: ever wondered if anyone actually clicks on your links! Enough said! (warning this is depressing!) Be aware a single user may visit numerous times.

What is Tracked:

almost a bonus to creating the shortened link is the fact that you can track the clicks or scans with a QR code reader. The following screenshot probably sums it up!



Comments and Feedback:

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