Google For Learning #GoogleGold

Google products can certainly enhance learning in a massive way! Welcome to our ever growing set of pages on #GoogleGold!

This page will outline the main tools on offer and then branch into  pages for each of the offerings with tips and tricks along with ideas for applications to learning. We will initially focus on the services we are using along with ideas for use for learning and a tutorial for each.

Great Google Goodies: #GoogleGold
(PLUS how to use each for learning!)

GOOGLE DRIVE: access, collection, storage and sharing for all sorts of documents across all devices and internet connections.
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GOOGLE DOCS is Google’s “word” type document editor but it comes with access, collaboration and sharing.
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GOOGLE SHEETS is Google’s spreadsheeting option, again within the browser with sharing and collaboration.
Through to the Google Sheets page with resources!

GOOGLE SLIDES is Google’s PowerPoint option, again within the browser with sharing, collaboration + easy youtube integration.
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GOOGLE FORMS enable collection of data from all devices.
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GOOGLE SITES: Are google websites integrated with other Google Services. they work well with documents.
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GOOGLE BLOGGER: A powerful blog OR website option with your Google username and password.
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GOOGLE SHORTENER: is used to sh orten long links, track visits and give you a QR code if you need it!
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Coming later:

Hangouts, Google Earth, Maps, Tours, Moderator, Chrome, Chrome apps etc!

Some Tips for Google Apps on iPads:

– Google Forms on iPads are doable by going to the browser and using the “desktop” version of Google drive which looks just like
– Insert images or edit tables in a google doc on an iPad. Again this can be done by going to the desktop version in Safari or which ever browser you use. This used to be very clumsy but works quite well now.
-Getting video or Audio onto the iPad from Drive still remains a challenge. Stay tuned!
– Spreadsheets on iPads still remain a horrible experience. Hopefully this improves soon, particularly with a fill down capability!

Signing in with Google:

This is very useful when particularly when you have Google Apps for Education as it means that you use the same username and password to log in to different services. Care must be taken to see keep check of what access you are actually giving but where it is just using your account to be able to log in then that is generally safe.  We are building a “white list” of services where signing in with Google is a good option. This also refers to apps and sites that use Google Drive to store or access content.

GAFE: is Google Apps For Education RESOURCES:

Google Apps For Education also has a superb community. Teachers share and collaborate and there are also regular GAFE sessions run all over the world. The following links highlight a number of the resources and opportunities:
 a personal account of a great GAFE summit in Sydney
GAFE information website

Page History:
17 July 2014 Page and links created by Rolfe Kolbe @rolfek