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This app is epic! The app gives amazing options for creating videos and presentations and it’s feature set just gets better and better. The concept is that you create slides or import content like a powerpoint or pdf or photos or screenshots or . ….. into your project and then you record annotations and narration over the top! It just saves your project as a movie! That is all! it is Probably the most useful app for education there is. Now there is a whole lot more available and we have made a tutorial and review.

Tutorial and Review of Explain Everything app:

Check out the video highlighting some of the features then read on to see ways that the app can be used effectively for learning with some tips for sharing and the like.

Explain Everything for Learning:

There are so many great applications for this app in learning. The obvious use case is for narrated and annotated video to “explain ANYthing!” also creating “how to” guides and the like.

SOME other ideas for use: (all tested!)

Create A video from Photos or screenshots: Take screen shots of each step in a process or photos of the steps in a process and then “create project from photos” and make a screen cast! Check our post on “Creating Tutorials”

Narrate and annotate existing PowerPoint presentations: (or spreadsheets documents or .pdfs or . ….) Check this great example 

Add comments and notes to your own video: NOTE: great for coaching videos where you  can pause the video, annotate and narrate what each person is doing and what should be done then restart the video.

Create a collaborative summary of a unit of work by having the slides ready to roll and getting your class to narrate a slide each! Check this maths example here that was done in half a lesson!

Create a puppet show like puppet pals app but with more control over your scenes HINT: create a Puppet with transparent background first.

Share a Project: start an explain everything and share it as a project where users can add their own comments and notes and save their own video. This gives everyone the same starting point.

Tips and tricks:

  • familiarise yourself with the “slide sorter” by clicking on the slide number in the bottom bar. Hold down on a slide then rearrange, duplicate and delete at your will. (be careful with delete!!!)
  • only annotate live when you really have to, instead pause, do your writing and then start recording again.
  • when you have created a project from and have blank slides ready to go then just start recording and advance the slides while narrating, it will look after the timing. if you make a mistake you can just go back and fix the errant slide.
  • having graphics with transparent backgrounds before you add them in
  • enable “mute” microphone for when you embed a video with audio (otherwise you can get an echo)
  • fine-tune your narration and annotations with the “timeline” ie make crosshair tool blue, click on the time in bottom bar and move to the place you want to record over.
  • use the i in a box to lock and or arrange elements

In Summary:

this is #APPgold! worth every cent! The updates to the app over time have been great and have made it a lot more stable and powerful. Enjoy and have fun! Check out http://www.morriscooke.com/?p=134 for a whole lot more Explain Everything goodness!

Full Tutorial:

Here is an older Tutorial we made to show you some of the features of Explain everything. There are a few changes but they are highlighted in the main video in this post so they compliment each other really nicely. ENJOY!

NOTE: this post has been updated, enhanced and resubmitted. thanks for those that commented on it earlier